Ways to do health marketing

In the digital age in which we live, people are looking to connect directly with health professionals through digital platforms and social networks, want to solve specific questions and even book hours of medical care with just a few clicks.

At Clinical Job Resources, we invite you to learn about six ways to give your medical center or clinic a valuable marketing boost:

Create a website

Having a website is an ideal strategy to improve the flow of your medical center. Consider that, during the last 30 years, the need of companies to be present in the network has grown so much that they have revolutionized the way of doing business.

By creating a website you can increase the number of patients, as they search in Google for places to be treated.

Through SEO positioning, which focuses on organic search results, that is, those that are not paid, you can increase the visibility of your site, position it in the long term, have more patients and better profitability.

Try not to use so many medical terms, it is not advisable to assume that others will understand technicalities, preferring a simple language to describe procedures and content. It is better to talk to your patients as equals than to walk away from them with words they do not know.

Your page should have an orderly, fresh and modern design. Make it clear who you are to your visitors, put up high quality pictures, describe the functions you perform, choose a place on the site so they know your location and contact.

Have a presence in social networks

Social networks are a very powerful communication tool with which you can reach a wide audience, in the last decade they have become true intermediaries between users and institutions, allowing two-way communication.

Profiles on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other networks, are used to boost business and build brand on a digital level, they are also your letter of introduction to different audiences, so we advise you to always show yourself in a professional way.

We recommend you to start with Facebook, as this social network is at the top of the list of the most used worldwide, then YouTube and Instagram follow.

Patients value the presence of clinics or medical practices in social networks and the possibility of maintaining a dialogue with them. In addition, they help to viralize their content if they find it interesting, current and unique. Achieving this is a challenge for health centres.

Manage your income for marketing purposes

It is important that you have a control of your monthly income and expenses.

You may ask yourself: what does this have to do with health marketing?

Of course they are linked!

If you have an effective management of the money related to your medical center, you will be able to reserve a part of it to carry out marketing actions, such as hiring occasional external services for your different purposes: writing articles for your own blog, improving interaction in social networks, explanatory videos, participation in events in the field, designing posters, among others.

We suggest you to save and take it seriously, you will see that time will prove you right and you will make a difference that will benefit you in front of the competition. Do not forget: marketing actions are an investment that will not see immediate results, you just have to be patient.

Meet your competition

You should be aware and know your competition, you will have a clearer picture if you ask yourself the following questions:

Who is the leader of the medical centers or clinics that resemble yours, who is at the forefront of innovation and ideas, what are the prices of your competition, what services do you offer, how do you position yourself in social networks and search engines, what is your website like?

Ask yourself if you are the first to appear on Google, for this, it is better to monitor in “incognito mode”, so that you are not influenced by previous searches. This way you will know in a simple way who is and where your direct competition is.

Compare your value proposition and/or specialty with other similar ones and see if the competition is located near you.

Pay attention to all these aspects. Collect as much information as possible and start generating comprehensive strategies that allow you to stand out with a special and valuable proposal so that people will be interested.